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  • Nutritive Value Of Goats Milk

    Goat’s milk has a high nutritional content -its high in calcium, phosphorous, chlorine and vitamins
    The milk is highly digestible and has a mild laxative effect
    The milk has a high content of Vitamin B1 which is useful in relieving symptoms of stress (Neurotic indigestion, constipation and insomnia)
    Goat’s milk may be used to replace cow milk for those suffering from allergy to cows’ milk
    The milk has a higher fat content than cow milk
    The milk has low cholesterol levels than the cow’s milk hence suitable for people with high blood pressure
    It’s low in sugar than cow’s milk hence good for those suffering from diabetes
    Goat milk versus Cow milk

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  • Milking & Marketing

    Ensure cleanliness in the milking place.
    Clean the udder with lukewarm water and dry with udder towel, strip milk on strip cup to check on mastitis and after milking dip the teats in teat dip solution to prevent infection.
    Milk the doe twice each morning and evening on regular schedule.
    When milking squeeze the teat down and avoid pulling the teat.
    Strain the milk through a filter or cloth into a clean container to remove any hair or dirt that could have fallen into the milk.
    Measure and record the amount of milk produced every time.
    Marketing of goats milk

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